Cheater T-shirt - LIMITED EDITION! A reissue of the classic shirt from Clark's almost-famous band

Once upon a time there was a band called Cheater. Clark played guitar with them, and they were almost famous. They had t-shirts designed, and the shirts were pretty popular. The original shirts were an iron-on transfer type shirt. These new ones use a high quality silk screening process for the image.


This is a special LIMITED EDITION! These shirts were only produced in a very small number, and are limited to the sizes left in stock. They will be shipped out to you via USPS with tracking info.

PLEASE NOTE: These are the very last of these shirts! I'll try to keep quantities updated for you, but we are down to the last handful. As of 9:30am Aug24, 2017 we have:



Medium: SOLD OUT






Clark Plays Guitar Skull T-shirt - Limited quantities!

The original skull t-shirt for Clark's band! Back when his band was called Clark Plays Guitar this t-shirt was available only at concerts, and the design on the back was an indication of the intensity of those shows. This design has been discontinued, and there are very limited quantities and when these are gone, they are gone forever!

Order now to own this rare T-shirt!

"Shred Happens" T-shirt - Limited Edition!

Clark is not a pure "shredder" by the modern definition, but when he is playing, sometimes Shred Happens! Do you play guitar? Does Shred Happen occasionally when you play? Then get this cool t-shirt, and wear it proudly. (If Shred Happens when you play, it's better than when Sh!* Happens, right?) Price whacked to a lousy ten bucks! Don't forget - This design is discontinued, so this is now a LIMITED EDITION. When these are gone, they are GONE FOREVER!!

  $15     Now all sizes just $10

The Secret Club T-shirt - cool tee + free membership!

The Secret Club T-shirt! For starters, you have an awesome skull design with crossed guitar necks. That just screams "rock!" And then, by purchasing this impressive tee you are granted free membership in The Secret Club at What's that?

Glad you asked! The Secret Club is more than just an email newsletter list – as a member you’ll get special offers on merchandise, music, & live shows, plus opportunities to interact with Clark & the band that will not be offered to the general public. And yeah, you can brag about being in a flippin’ Secret Club! Cool.




Tribal Skull T-shirt - face melting tee!

Awesome tribal design, laughing skull, crossed guitar necks, all on one shirt! And since Clark & his band has been melting faces for a very long time, we decided to have a little fun with that & exaggerate just how long it's been going on. This shirt totally rocks!